Multi functional desktop Ultracsonic cleaner

Integrated Industrial Experiment/Supports dual and triple band customization

Experts in Automotive Cleaning Industry

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology as Innovative Solution

Ultrasonic transducer Ultrasonic accessories

Multi-frequency ultrasonic transducer complete parameters

Ultrasonic vibrator Rod and Plate Series

Oil removal/Rust removal/Emulsification Extraction/Dispersion acceleration

About FanYingSonic.

Professional ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer

Source factory

Own design and manufacture, no middlemen, provide technical support.

Customer service

Professional customer service team, sales team and technical engineers troubleshooting.

Environmental protection

Selection of high-quality steel, acid and alkali corrosion resistance,  high efficiency.

Online Store

Product information at a glance, support online booking order, convenient and fast.

DIY&Designner Users

We provide ultrasound accessories, all kinds of frequency transducer (25 KHZ, 28 KHZ, 35 KHZ, 40 KHZ, 50 KHZ, 60 KHZ, 80 KHZ, 120 KHZ, 150 KHZ), drive plate (50 w to 150 w), generator (300 w - 3000 w), suitable for diy users and designers

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Research laboratory users

For scientific research universities and laboratory precision instrument users, we provide multi-frequency, dual-frequency, three-frequency single-excited intelligent ultrasonic cleaning equipment for traditional Chinese medicine extraction, emulsification solutions

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Industrial Product

For chemical plants, sewage treatment and other large-scale industrial projects, we provide multi-specification high-power ultrasonic shock plate, which can be customized in various sizes, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high power and other characteristics

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Introduction Video

FanYingSonic Corporate video.

FanYingSonic is a professional manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment. Source factory site and environment real scene display Production workshop manufacturing scene shooting

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Applications and Project cases

We are committed to the application of ultrasonic cleaning industry, mainly used in chemical sewage treatment, automobile repair, medical laboratory, industrial equipment decontamination. For 16 years, we have been trusted and supported by customers.

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Industrial ultrasonic cleanersultrasonic waves for industrial cleaning applications deliver more effective . A variety of parts, from robust metal and ceramic components to delicate semiconductors can be cleaned quickly and completely via the cavitation bubbles from ultrasonic waves generated from an ultrasonic system.


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